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ThePodz™  New Generation 2.0

Magic To Your Ears

Thepodz delivers an unparalleled wireless headphone experience. Simply take them out and they’re ready to use with all your devices, immersing you in rich, high-quality sound. Just like magic.

Everyone’s got white. We know you deserve better, you deserve to be different.

ThePodz is revolutionizing the way you can listen to high-quality audio through Bluetooth technology. There are so many expensive wireless earbuds, but we've made an affordable version that holds up to par for a fraction of the price.

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First, boot (pairing):
The earphones are taken out from the charging compartment and automatically switched on automatically (ie, the red and blue lights flash alternately, the headsets are successfully paired, and one of them is turned off.)
Second, charging tips:
1. When the charging compartment is charging the earphone: the charging compartment blue light is on, the earphone red light is on, and the indicator light is off after the earphone is full.
2. When charging the charging compartment with the data cable: the charging compartment indicator flashes and the indicator light is always on when the battery is fully charged.
Third, shut down:
The headset is automatically turned off when placed in the charging compartment. (you can also manually press any left or right headset to shut down.)
Fourth, wake up Siri:
Long touch any left or right earphone to wake up Siri.



  • High-Quality Sound + Bluetooth 4.1 Capabilities
  • Quick charging capacity and easy to setup
  • Professionally designed and trimmed to perfection
  • Fits in your ear perfectly and securely - workout approved
  • Charging Case & Charging Cable are included

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We have had some customers think these are direct from Apple, These are NOT direct from Apple but have all the same features and look very similar, please be aware and do not purchase if you aren’t happy with that. Guys please be smart and read the above, this product is not affiliated with Apple.